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This programme is funded by the European Union Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020

Background to techstart NI

The techstartNI team and our network have a vast depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of starting, building, growing and realising value from technology business.

Our team is here to lend their experience and energies to make a difference in the Northern Ireland technology ecosystem.

Pentech Ventures manage the techstartNI initiative via a dedicated NI office and team blending NI venture/operational talent under-pinned with Pentech’s wide network in the GB and US markets for capital, talent, etc.

We look forward to chatting with you about your technology business ideas.

techstartNI seeks to provide the first steps of an Enterprise Escalator to help enable the creation of exciting technology companies in Northern Ireland and support and nurture them to encourage rapid growth and success globally through a range of products and support.

This is enabled by the support of Invest NI, and the techstartNI team forms part of an ambitious, holistic Access to Finance initiative that Invest NI has put in place for the benefit of the NI ecosystem to help create internationally successful and competitive businesses.

techstartNI is managed by Pentech Ventures LLP, a venture capital partnership regulated by the FCA, with each Partner having over 13 years experience in investing and growing technology companies from startup to exit.

Our team includes a mix of operational and finance experience that we believe is valued by those companies with whom we have worked.

Providing the first few treads of the Enterprise Escalator, we will seek to provide

  • Stimulation/Insight– through our Enterpreneur Events that will cover all aspects of how to build your company and what funding could be best for you, and how to maximise your chances of success in achieving your goals. Find out about our latest events here.
  • Grant Money– through our Proof of Concept funding – we allow you to validate how commercially viable your ideas may be before having to take Equity financing. Individuals and SMEs may apply here.
  • Equity Financing– we manage 3 Equity funds for and on behalf of Invest NI – a £17m SME fund and two £1.5m funds attached to Queen’s University Belfast and the Ulster University. The Equity funds are available to SMEs in Northern Ireland through submissions made from this web site here.

We will work together with other ecosystem partners to try to ensure that every startup can get access to the right type of funding to allow them to fulfil their maximum potential.